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syion wake from your dreams
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syion Carousel
syion 2020Love
syion Neon

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syion Minions
syion electric guitar
syion see for yourselves boxing punch
syion cleaner air
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Syion Twickenham River Thames
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syion singer songwriter
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About Syion

Taking a drive just to be here with you

  • Singer-songwriter

    Singer-songwriter, musician and artist, whose sound evades typical music genres, falling into blues, indie, electronic, alternative, rock, folk, psychedelic and experimental. His releases include the successful debute album Carousel followed by 2020Love and Neon

  • Rainbow dreaming

    Your first public gig is a funny thing, running out the fire-exit clutching your guitar wondering had you made the right career move. I've played and fronted a few bands since, gigging around the Uk and European circuits looking for breaks and cracks amongst the dodgy back ally wannabe's.

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